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About PhotoQuilts

PhotoQuilts takes its form after the ancient art of mosaic, which dates back as early as 3000 B.C. with Ancient Mesopotamian wall decorations, and can be traced through history from Greek art to that of the Pueblo Indians to the present.

Whereas tiles are used for mosaics, tiny squares of fabric make up a PhotoQuilt. An image is chosen for its ability to be rendered into the tiny squares, or pixels. The digital image is pixelated, and then the artistry begins! Hundreds of fabric squares are meticulously selected, cut and placed by the artist, then sewn together one by one until the image is complete.

PhotoQuilts are made from 100% cotton fabric, using a combination of prints, solids and hand-dyed fabrics. On close view, the rich array of fabrics stands out in what appears to be a random pattern. When viewed from a distance, however, the result is a stunning realization of the original image.

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The photos you see on this site have been carefully recreated, pixel by pixel, in 100% cotton fabric. We can create a custom quilt wallhanging from your photo! A PhotoQuilt is the perfect gift for weddings, graduations or anniversaries, and is an exquisite addition to your interior decor.
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