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• Does a PhotoQuilt use photo transfers?
No, a PhotoQuilt is an enlargement of one photo, rendered in pixels, or squares of color, which are cut from 100% cotton fabric.
• I would like a quilt with photo transfers. May I order one from you?
Unfortunately, we do not make quilts with photo transfers.
• How many photos may be used in a PhotoQuilt?
A PhotoQuilt design recreates just one photo.
• What sizes are available?
A finished PhotoQuilt is a wallhanging which measures approximately 30 by 40 inches.
• What type of computer program designs the PhotoQuilts, and where can I find it?
Most photo editing software can be used to break a photo into pixels, however the design and fabric selection for a PhotoQuilt are made by the keen eye of an artist.
• Are there kits available? I would like to make my own PhotoQuilt.
A selection of PhotoQuilt kits is being planned for the future. If you are interested in a kit, please let us know!
• Are there any PhotoQuilts available for purchase now?
The Madonna & Child quilt is now available. A Designer Series is in the making, which will include fine art and landscape subjects.
• What is the price of a PhotoQuilt?
Grayscale PhotoQuilts start at $2,000 and color Photoquilts start at $4,000.
The photos you see on this site have been carefully recreated, pixel by pixel, in 100% cotton fabric. We can create a custom quilt wallhanging from your photo! A PhotoQuilt is the perfect gift for weddings, graduations or anniversaries, and is an exquisite addition to your interior decor.
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